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at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald now at noon, a crew that could be the final chapter in a notorious bay area cold case. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. lab results on a bone fragment could solve that 24-year-old missing persons case out of hayward. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec on
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the little girl who disappeared and her mother who has been looking for closure for decades. >> november 19, 1988, it's probably impossible to have a happy ending. >> reporter: sharon has been living without knowing what happened to her daughter michaela garecht abducted at age 9. >> every highway, by way and everywhere for the answers. >> reporter: now there may be one, a 3" piece of bone belonging to an unidentify i had child was found in a well in linden, a mass grave for victims of the "speed freak" killers. wesley shermantine and loren herzog convicted for a drug induced killing binge in the '90s, all older than michaela. a sketch of her alleged kidnapper looks similar to loren herzog who committed
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suicide last year. >> a case that's this old has a lot of information. and you know, we're going through that information and doing what we can to try to identify the bone. >> reporter: that piece of bone was initially sent here to the hayward police department. their testing came back inconclusive. so it's been sent to a lab in virginia. the results could take several weeks. >> if this is michaela, then it breaks my heart that she's laying in that place for all this time. >> reporter: the bone piece was initially given to the family of another "speed freak" killer victim, joann hobson. her mother had the bones tested, suspicious of how the scene was handled. >> the way that they pulled her out with those big steel claws, and i saw that on tv, i was horrified. >> reporter: mur of agrees. >> how can you do that? it's just heartless. >> reporter: in hayward, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> and there's a possible clue
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in the search for that missing colorado girl. authorities in new hampshire are now examining a car that could be linked to the disappearance of 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. someone in maine reported seeing a girl resembling her in a blue station wagon with colorado plates on wednesday. today a car matching that description was found abandoned in a parking lot in neighboring new hampshire. ridgeway disappeared october 5 in her hometown of westminster, colorado. turning to weather now, some parts of the bay area will probably see another round of rain this afternoon. meteorologist lawrence karnow tells us more. >> it looks quiet almost like yesterday not much on the doppler radar but i want to show you what happens if we pull this out a little bit. look at the moisture somewhat usual way to get rain in the bay area but it's wraparound moisture making its way through the central valley and should be approaching the bay area this afternoon right at that time when we get maximum heating so we could even squeeze out a couple of thunderstorms in the bay area, maybe some more reports of hail
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and some lightning, too. we'll have more on that weather coming up in a minute but also maybe a possibility of a heat wave too. more on that in a few minutes. >> thank you. campaign 2012 now just six hours to go until the vice- presidential nominees begin their one and only debate tonight. joe biden and paul ryan will share the stage in kentucky. cbs reporter randall pinkston tells us one of the candidates is fueling up on two things. sports drinks and animal crackers. >> reporter: paul ryan is in kentucky getting ready for his face-to-face meeting with ce president joe biden. leading up to the debate, mitt romney's running mate has been trying to raise expectations for the current vice president. >> joe is one of the most experienced debaters we have in itics but the achilles' heel he has is president obama's record. >> reporter: the city of danville rolled out the welcome mat for the candidates bringing a big spotlight to this small college town. >> it's one thing to study politics and government in the classroom and it's another to see it from a front row seat.
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>> reporter: vice president joe been out of the public eyes reportedly fueling up on gatorade and animal crackers during his debate prem in his home state of delaware. a congressman stood in for paul ryan in biden's mock debate. former michigan governor olm had e jennifer job four years ago playing the part of sarah palin. >> big challenge for someone like joe biden who is so glib and so good at l people is delivering a message inside of a structured format. >> reporter: biden will be trying to stop the republican ticket's momentum coming out of the first presidential debate. a new cbs news poll from three key battleground states suggestions romney is getting a boost from his performance. in wisconsin, president obama's six point lead is cut in half. in virginia the president's lead shrank to five points. and romney now leads in colorado. randall pinkston, cbs news, danville, kentucky. >> and you can watch that debate right here on cbs 5. our special live coverage begins
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tonight at 6:00. a break in the case of a retired bay area teacher. the couple in custody and what police say is their 1,000-mile crime spree. >> i'm glad to have the opportunity was there for me to be able to do it. >> battling back from the brink of elimination. the rallies that brought our bay area teams to today's decisive fifth game and the price for tickets, as well. coming up. ird person is now dead llowing a parking garage
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keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. collapse in florida. authorities at miami dade coll a third person is now dead following a parking garage collapse in florida. authorities in miami-dade college say the victim died at
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the hospital after spending 13 hours trapped in the rubble. a fourth worker is missing and searchers say they don't expect to find anyone else alive. the five-story garage was under construction before it collapsed yesterday. hercules police hope the arrest of a husband and wife near seattle will shed some light into the murder of a retired bay area teacher. the couple is being held for a crime spree that began with a jail break in san bernardino county in august and ended with a police chase up in washington state yesterday. susie ko was killed in her hercules home last week and her car was stolen. the couple was inside ko's car. officers arresting darnell washington and his wife tania up north. and investigators from hercules will now question them in washington today. >> we just know that they were in the stolen vehicle and they are certainly people that we do want to talk to. if they're not suspects, hopefully they can give us information leading to the suspects. >> they are wanted for the
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murder of an l.a. county sheriff's deputy last month. san jose's serial arsonist struck againful a garbage bin was set on fire last night on delna manor lane just hours earlier in the same area, fire officials handed out flyers warning people about the arson. this is the ninth such fire in that area. and today federal officials are expected to give nearly $1 billion for the central subway construction here in san francisco. but the project faces a lot of roadblocks. a lawsuit has been filed to stop the subway entrance plan for union square. it cites a city law that prohibits nonrecreational uses in city parks. that suit wants the station moved or put up for a vote. an oakland high school student's simple idea has turned into a big help for her peers. >> it wasn't even a very big deal for me until i realized how big a deal it was for them. >> the project that has everyone walking a little taller coming up. >> two teams, two comebacks,
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one great day for bay area baseball. the secret to getting coveted potential championship tickets without breaking your wallet, after the break. >> it has been cloudy and cool but fairly inactive right now. that may all change this afternoon. we'll talk about that next. hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! i'll show you how! ♪ ♪ just shake
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the giants and the a's each find themselves in a must-win situation. iants it is win or go home for both our baseball teams. the giants and as in a must-win situation today and game five
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between the giants and reds. giants in the lead 6-3 in the 6th. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran over at a quiet at&t park with the latest on bay area's baseball fever. cate, take away. >> reporter: frank, it may be quiet here at at&t park and we may not be playing here in san francisco but you can bet the game's presence is here it's being aired on the big screen. as we were walking we saw people get off the train, walk in this area wearing their black and orange or green and gold if they are rooting for the as today and that's because one person told me it's the bay's day for baseball. two teams, two comebacks, thousands of fans rooting for their hometown. >> i was really worried for a while but they came back and won yesterday and we're all really excited. >> reporter: only four teams have come back in a best-of- five series. right now, the giants are hoping to be the first national league team to rally from an 0- 2 deficit. despite the rocky start fans hope for smooth sailing. >> i wasn't going to give up on them but it wasn't anything
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that you were expecting just, you know, i just thought it was amazing what they did the last two days. >> reporter: there will be no tailgating outside. fans are holed up indoors some at sports bars, some at home and for those at work, well, i have to ask, are you really going to be working today at 10:00? >> i'm going to try. we have a conference room booked up for a meeting but we're going to be watching the game at work. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so you're not going to be working today? >> not for the morning at all. >> reporter: the excitement extends across the bay bridge. the oakland as have its own do or die game tonight. >> at the end of the day we're not supposed to be here. we're both down both teams but, you know, that's the resilience that we have. >> it's more about the city because, you know, we have always been put down kind of and so now we're showing everybody that we're strong, we work with each other, we're a team. >> reporter: the challenge today is winning the game. if the teams win, the challenge tomorrow will be getting tickets for the championship series. sites like craigslist and ebay
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already have listings up. stubhub says there's a lot of activity on its site and the advice they have for fans: buy now and lock in the prices. any wins today could mean hundreds of dollars more tomorrow. now, last we checked, tickets for standing room only started at 70 to $80. if the giants win today, it will be the first -- [ signal breakup ] >> i think we lost cate but i think what she was trying to say, if the giants win today, they will host the first two games of the national league championship series beginning monday. game 2 will be -- begins on sunday. game 2 will be on monday. >> i think that wind was affecting the signal. it was. picking up around the bay area a little bit. it's been cool all morning and the clouds have been moving across our skies. but there's a chance we could see more showers this afternoon. maybe even some thunderstorms. take a look at the latest high- def doppler radar. you see all the thunderstorms down in southern california,
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that's more closely toward the core of that low. we have seen dozens of lightning strikes now north of bakersfield. but you see that big batch of moisture in the central valley? that's going to wrap around toward the bay area and as it moves in, it's going to get a little lift from the heating of the sun and we could see a lot of stormy weather in toward the southern half of the bay area by the afternoon. cloudy skies out there right now, unusually cool. temperatures only in the 50s at this hour. 57 degrees in concord. 59 livermore. 58 san jose. very neat look for you. you have the low clouds down below, high clouds up above from the mount vaca cam. mix of sun and clouds probably more clouds this afternoon. the possibility of some thunderstorms south of the golden gate bridge. tonight probably cloudy and some drizzle making a return to the bay area. here's that low, the core making its way into southern california. you see all that moisture wrapping around the back side of it. so one last gasp of the storm system before it moves out of town. as the low moves out, staying
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unsettled today. tomorrow things calm done. i think the weekend is looking good. the moisture is work its way back into the bay area possibly bringing some thunderstorms. then tonight a little drizzle developing along the coastline. surge of low clouds and fog tomorrow. temperatures staying down, plan on 60s maybe 70s well inland if we're lucky. big changes over the weekend. sunshine makes a return to the bay area, maybe some 80s, as well. in fact, looking very nice as we head in toward this next week. we may see an offshore wind blowing. if that happens, some of those temperatures may be getting near 90 degrees as we look toward the middle of next week. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> a sample of everything. all right, lawrence, thank you. an east bay teenager has a closet like no other filled with thousands of pieces of clothing to give away. cbs 5 reporter sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. g up on >> it's a nice athletic jersey. >> reporter: like many teens laura graham of oakland is hung up on fashionable clothes but not just for herself. >> i've learned that small things can become big things.
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>> reporter: the 16-year-old junior at bishop o'dowd high school collects donated clothes through her nonprofit "1 closet" and she has given away more than 5,000 pieces of clothing to about 900 teenagers in the last year. >> and there's so many people cleaning out their closets. their parents saying, find a home for these, donate them to goodwill. a lot of people want to find something in their community they can give them to. >> reporter: the idea started during a dinner conversation at home. her father was talking about a friend getting ready to adopt a teenager, and laura realized she could help. laura was surprised to learn that foster children receive a wardrobe allowance of about $200 for the whole year. >> i thought like i live in oakland, i can do something about this. >> reporter: so as a high school freshman in early 2011, she organized a high school drive to donate gently used but contemporary attire. other schools jumped in. >> and our major one was san ramon valley high school. they donated so much. and i was like wow. this is crazy.
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it's like really heavy. >> reporter: since founding "1 closet" in the spring of 2011, she worked with about 15 high schools to collect and distribute clothing for low income kids at the boys & girls club and social services agencies throughout the east bay. >> they were so happy. and actually, one of the leaders at the boys & girls club was crying. and that just made me realize like it wasn't even a very big deal for me until i realized how big of a deal it was for them. >> reporter: 15-year-old chynna edwards is picking clothes from "1 closet" saying it shows someone cares. >> it means a lot because i don't really have a lot. so to have someone willing to give to me is --it --it helps a lot. >> reporter: judy reed executive director of the west contra costa salesian boys & girls club, says the donations clothe students with confidence. >> it helps them get up out of bed and, you know, tackle school with an "i can do" attitude instead of, you know, "woe is me." >> reporter: and laura herself can wear a sense of pride.
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>> i think it's crazy. it seems improbable that something like that could happen from just one person. >> reporter: so for collecting and donating clothes for hundreds of east bay teenagers this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to laura graham. sharon chin, cbs 5. >> the jefferson award selection committee is looking for new nominees. you can submit a nomination online at just click the "connect" button at the top of the page, then jefferson awards to find the email form. well, tonight cw premieres a new take on a classic tale. we talked to them about an updated version of beauty and the beast. >> the show is a reimagining of the 1980s series but our version is very modern take. it takes place in new york. catherine i play is a police detective and her mother is saved by what appears to be a beast. >> reporter: let's talk about
12:22 pm
that. it seems that vincent has a jekyll and hyde personality. which is more fun for you to you know, it's great just to play a character that's on the full scale gamut to go from savage impulses to noble impulses. so flipping between two is fun. >> "beauty and the beast" premieres tonight at 9: 00 on the cw 44/cable 12. we'll be right back.
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we're making spaghetti with seafood cooked in parchment paper. this is a great finishing technique to really enhance the flavor of the sauce. you'll just need a few basic ingredients, fresh seafood, herbs and spices and some pasta. the chef starts with olive oil in a heated pan and adds the seafood, seasoning. >> salt, pepper, oregano, fresh basil. >> reporter: and then fresh cherry tomatoes. once everything starts to cook, add white wine. just added fish stock, but the white wine used with the tomatoes, the olive oil, juices from the fish, the stock coming
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through is going to be fabulous. the chef adds a little tomato sauce and then the pasta al dente of course. it's all given a good toss. and here's the key step. it's all wrapped tightly in parchment paper which you can find just about anywhere. when it comes out, it's sprinkled with bread crumbs and with all of those delicious combined flavors it's simply plated. if you want a copy of this recipe go on the website and it will be there for you. i'm tony tantillo and this is tony's table. pasta in paper in the oven? you have to try it. wonderful. your health depends on this. new information on how sitting at work can wipe out any physical activity you have already done. that story and more coming up at 5:00. >> lawrence karnow is a weatherman but today he is wearing two hats. our intrepid major league baseball reporter with a report.
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game number 5, reds, giants. >> game 5, 6-3 right now. giants are leading in the top of the 7th, one out. marcos scutaro is out. buster posey a grand slam. there is still a slight chance of showers for the as game. dress warm, it will be cool, 50s at the park. we believe. should be a great game. captions by: caption colorado
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